How about a family holiday in a thatched holiday cottage for 8?

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thatched cottages sleep 8Are you looking for a beautiful rental for your next holiday? When you’re searching for a place that sleeps eight people, it can often be a little tricky to find one that happens to suit your needs. After all, there are many holiday homes out there, but not all of them are spacious and have all the facilities that you and your party will surely need. We can direct you to a broad range of thatched cottages that may just fit the bill. Boasting an enticing atmosphere and truly wonderful home features, these holiday homes are simply ideal for any occasion.

Our four bedroom thatched cottages that sleep eight people have always been a popular choice for groups of holidaymakers. Whether you’re travelling with a large family or just a group of close-knit friends, these cottages offer the ultimate level of comfort and luxury. We strive to make sure that each of our holiday homes is just perfect for our guests. In the past, we’ve played hosts to just about everyone from bridal parties to family reunions. Every guest who stays in our thatched cottages walks away feeling satisfied and content at a holiday well spent. So, why wait to book your break?

Fabulous locations in the UK and Ireland

When it comes to choosing a place that’s right for you and your group, you need to look for an area that suits all your needs. Across the UK and Ireland, there are some truly fantastic places that you may wish to spend a short or long break. Many of our luxury thatched cottages are in the south of England or in rural Ireland. That means that you will get a true country vibe when you stay with us. If you fancy rambling across hilltops or taking a hike up a mountain, these cottages are the perfect place to stay. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a romantic setting, these thatched cottages offer the most enchanting scenery around the UK and Ireland. We’ve hand selected each delectable location just for you, our loyal guests, and so you will always get the greatest experience on your holiday.

Excellent self-catering facilities

One of the great luxuries that these homes afford you is the fact that you have some fantastic self-catering facilities. Our four bedroom thatched cottages come with a fully equipped kitchen space. That means that you can make and enjoy meals at your own convenience. Imagine yourself cooking up a delicious full English breakfast for your group and guzzling it down before taking a walk in the country. There is something utterly refreshing about having this level of flexibility when it comes to your holiday. That’s, every year, so many people opt to take a break in one of our thatched holiday homes.

Beautiful double bedrooms

If there’s a group of eight of you, you’re in luck when it comes to our rentals. We have some truly glorious four bedroom thatched cottages which can easily sleep eight people at a time. When you split the cost of the rental between the group, you will see that it’s actually much more cost effective than staying in a hotel. When it comes to our bedrooms, you should know that each double or twin room is just stunning. We ensure that every one of our rooms is of the highest possible standards, which means that you get just what you deserve when you stay with us. With lovely furnishings and modern touches, you’re certain to feel right at home in these rooms.

Spacious homes for your group booking

Of course, when it comes to booking a stay for you and a group of your nearest and dearest, space is crucial. You need to be certain that there will be enough room for everyone in your party. Our four bedroom thatched cottages are much more spacious than you could imagine. We pride ourselves on offering the greatest deals for our customers and ensure that the holiday homes are just ideal. Each of the homes can fit eight people with utter ease. That means that every member of your party can enjoy a comfortable stay.

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